Automotive Electrical Supplies

Grease Monkey Direct is one of the leading suppliers of all types of electronic and electrical tools. We have been supplying car mechanics at large with many years of expertise in the field of auto electrical supplies. Whether you are looking to replace a burned out fuse, or are in need of an extra set of wires to finish off your current project, we have the products to help you. Most of our products can be purchased online and are sent straight to your door for fast and economical delivery. So whether you need to purchase new fuse boxes, wiring, or electric panels, our tools will be able to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Turn Your Auto Electrical Supplies, Diy & Garage Tools Uk Into A High Performing Machine

In addition to offering automotive repair and maintenance tools, our online store has a wide selection of general electrical items. This includes tools for changing light bulbs, removing air filters, installing or repairing speakers, and testing electricity. In addition, if you happen to have a faulty electric fuse, we can conveniently provide you with the replacement you require for an affordable price.

In addition to offering high quality tools for repairing your auto electrical system, we also offer a full range of products designed solely for use inside your garage. Our fully stocked garage supply section features electric bug zappers, power generators, and smoke alarms. All of our electric garage equipments are made from high grade quality components and come highly recommended by professionals. This allows our customers to take advantage of the latest technology available to safely and securely protect their assets & family vehicles.

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