Meth Testing in Christchurch

Meth Testing Christchurch can be a little confusing if you don’t know where to start. We know that Canterbury is a safe place to live, especially in comparison with some of the areas in the country we tend to consider to be unsafe. The thing that people don’t always realise or perhaps just forget, is that Meth is traditionally made from amphetamines. They are illegal in most countries, including New Zealand, so you can be sure that police and health officials are very aware of the potential dangers associated with these drugs. This means that they have developed a Meth Test Kit which they distribute to individuals who they think may be at risk of using Meth as a source of energy. It is surprising, then, to find out that despite this awareness, Meth is still being used in Christchurch and other central and southern parts of the city.


Meth testing is conducted regularly in hospitals throughout the country, but it is particularly important in Christchurch because of the unique circumstances of that town. Christchurch is surrounded on all sides by water, and as such has a huge number of possible environmental issues. In many cases, the water can be a major factor in people’s decision to use and abuse Meth, but the weather is often to blame for causing other issues, such as flooding. As such, the presence of Meth in a location with a history of flooding can raise serious concerns for any individual, whether they are living in Christchurch or not.


In 2010 Meth Testing Christchurch was launched by the Central Drug Evaluation Unit (CDETU). This initiative is designed to address the concerns and the needs of those living in Christchurch who are at risk of using, or having used, methamphetamine. Meth testing is a useful tool that helps to identify those who may be at risk and gives them the opportunity to enter a Meth Rehab Program where they will hopefully learn to change their lifestyle. If you suspect that someone you know may be a victim of Meth, contact the Meth Testing Christchurch team immediately.

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