Best Fungal Nail Treatment – Can You Cure Onychomycosis?

Fungal nail infections, while often unsightly Protect Air, can be easily prevented and typically painless, a medical skin and nail doctor say. “Fungals are more common than people think and there are probably more nail fungus patients’ visits to their family doctors or dentists than we think, according to national surveys,” said Dr. Thomas Seyler, a staff physician at The Ohio State University Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. “Nail fungus infections tend to be more prevalent in summer and spring months and less so in the winter and fall.”

Protect Air – Where to Get a Fungal Nail Treatment

According to Dr. Seyler, it is best to look for symptoms before seeing a doctor for a fungal nail treatment. Symptoms to look for are thickened, discolored, brittle, peeling or crumbly nails that lift at the cuticle. Symptoms associated with Nail Fungus include thickening of the nail, discoloration, white spots, red spots, burning and redness, and brittle or crumbly nails. The best fungal nail treatment is one that will work for each individual patient, according to dermatologists.

If you or a loved one have had fungal nail infection, get help as soon as possible, according to Dr. Seyler. If you have a fungal nail infection start with a topical prescription, follow up with an oral treatment if it does not clear up in three weeks. You can also use gloves when doing manual labor or exercising, wear sandals at the beach or around pools, and keep your nails short, clean, and dry to prevent fungus from spreading between toes and fingers. To prevent nail fungus from spreading, avoid wet environments and constantly dry and protect your feet.

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