Sleeping Pillow Height And Neck Pain

When it comes to sleeping comfort, there are few more essential elements than a good sleeping pillow. In fact, pillows can and do make a real difference to your sleep. Your sleeping position plays a significant role, particularly if you sleep on your back. This means you need to choose wisely when you’re purchasing a new pillow, and what exactly to look out for when making your selection. Slaap City!

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Sleeping Pillow Height And Neck Pain

Good pillow height is also an important factor when it comes to preventing neck pain. This applies particularly to side sleepers, since a pillow too low will put your neck, or the soft tissue backing of your neck, into a very un-natural position. Most researchers measure this by sleeping on their side for 30 minutes at a time, then taking pictures to compare how they felt afterwards. While any neck pain can temporarily leave sufferers feeling tired, tiredness can be one of the main causes of chronic neck pain in the first place, and sleeping on your side keeps the weight off your neck, preventing strain on the muscles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your sleeping pillows should not simply be foam products. There are now quite a few specially designed sleeping pillows available, made from memory foam or different synthetic materials. However, it’s best to try a few out before buying – not everyone likes sleeping pillows, so you might find a sleeper pillow that doesn’t suit your needs. Once you’ve tried several, however, you’ll quickly discover which ones are most comfortable for you!

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