Reasons Why You Should Conduct Workplace Health Checks

workplace health checks

Workplace Health Checks is an effective strategic approach to improving and understanding underlying dysfunction or stress within your organisation, team or organisation as a whole. A workplace health check can be conducted in order to identify problems before they become a major problem; it can also be used to provide a quick solution if problems occur on their own accord.

Workplace health checks – Provide a quick solution if problems occur on their own accord

There are many different reasons why an organisation might conduct a workplace health check. In most organisations an organisation health check is undertaken when there is a change in the senior management team, a new hire, or when an organisation experiences an increase in its work force or the level of turnover within its workforce. In these circumstances the purpose of the health check is not to identify particular issues but rather to identify the overall health of the organisation, and the general health of the staff. This enables a company to identify problems in areas that may not be immediately obvious to external observers and this can then be used to ensure that a thorough assessment of the organisation’s overall health takes place. It is important to note that while a health check may not identify all potential issues an organisation may face the health check is still a good source of information, and one which can inform the development of more effective ways to deal with the issues identified. This can have a huge effect on the organisation’s future success.


Workplace health checks are particularly valuable to organisations that have staff who work in the field of care services. These professionals are highly trained and experienced, and have many years of experience under their belt, which can prove invaluable when conducting health checks. Other professionals who might benefit from health checks include HR personnel, payroll and accounting staff, and care providers such as nurses and healthcare assistants, who often need to regularly assess the health of their patients in order to ensure that the best possible treatment is administered.

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