What Do Fire Watch Guards Do?

Fire Watch Guards sfexaminer services are on-site protective measures performed by special trained guards. Services generally include: Fire detection and response, perimeter protection, emergency exit supervision, preventing and controlling fuel fires and fire hazards. Services usually include:

Fire Watch Guards

Fire Watch Guards

Fire detection and response: Fire Watch Guards will respond to calls for assistance when there is a fire alarm, smoke detector, or a fire is noticed. This can include responding to alarms, detecting the fire and reporting it to dispatchers, monitoring the fire in order to prevent it from spreading, and evacuating the building. Fire Watch Guards also looks for potential fire hazards such as fuel fires or combustible debris. When a fire is detected, they will call 911 or other local authorities.


Fire Watch Guards will also monitor and identify any areas of perimeter protection. If there are no visible smoke, fire, or other dangers, the guard will make sure that all occupants are safe. In order to ensure that all staff are safe and evacuate the building as soon as possible, they are required to check doors and windows, check lighting and ventilation, and use their wits to determine if something could cause a fire. They are also responsible for checking that there are no flammable liquids near the building and ensuring that no flammable objects are stored near the building or its occupants. Finally, they are responsible for ensuring that equipment in the building is operational and functioning properly. The Fire Watch Guard has been rated as an excellent guard to have on your business premises.

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