How a Health and Safety Assessment Can Save You Money

What is the purpose of healthy homes assessment? Well, the objective is to ensure that your building is compliant with current building, health and safety legislation. The assessment will look at the design of each part of your building, such as your heating systems, and then identify areas where you can improve the effectiveness of these systems. What do you get for this assessment? For both the builder and the landlord: An accurate, comprehensive, room by room statement of all elements of your new Healthy Homes. For the tenant: An accurate, Healthy statement of their findings regarding the design and operation of your building.


What is a building’s assessment? An assessment is carried out to check that your building meets all the relevant regulations and standards and is in compliance with the Building Regulations Act 2005. If you want to make sure that the building complies with the regulations, then it is very important to check the assessment for your building before taking it out on to the market. The assessment includes checking the construction: fire safety, insulation, walls, floors, windows and ceilings and any other features which are considered to be a necessary part of your new structure. It also checks the electrical systems to make sure they meet the current codes which have been introduced to ensure safe work practices and compliance with health and safety law.



If you wish to go ahead with the construction of your home then you must arrange for a Health and Safety Assessment. It’s not only your building that needs to comply with health and safety laws but your property as well. Your property should be safe, secure and ready to rent – so make sure that it is inspected and assessed as part of your new build. This is not only beneficial to you, but to the future health and safety of your tenants.

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