Is Kazakhstan Good for MBBS?

Well, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan can be a great relief. Students who want to pursue their medical courses abroad but scared due to high cost can easily opt for Kazakhstan. Located in Central Asia, this country offers comfortable and affordable medical education to aspiring doctors.

If you compare the tuition fees of medical courses with other countries of the world, you could spot the difference and realize that Kazakhstan offers world-class education at very cheap fees. The medical universities here offer top-notch educational facilities. They also have clinical practice options to ensure that the students receive the required amount of exposure and learn from their practical experiences.

  • Globally accepted universities offering the quality course

The universities are globally acclaimed and affiliated, making it easier for the students to get easy placement across the globe. The degree offered by the top medical universities of Kazakhstan is recognized even by MCI, which adds up special benefits for Indian students. Eklavya Overseas can help you in this regard by providing the right mentorship.

  • Experienced faculty to offer the best mentorship

The faculty and the staff of these universities are experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to educate their students. The top universities of the country, namely, Kazakh National Medical University, Semey State Medical University, Shymkent State Medical University, Astana Medical University, West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University, Karaganda State Medical University, Kazakh Russian Medical University, and South Kazakhstan Medical Academy have the best infrastructure with all modern amenities and equipment required for the course. Also, they use English for instructions to avoid the language barrier.  

  • Assured safety for Indian Students in Kazakhstan

Apart from faculty and cost, the country’s security is another important factor that makes this place worth opting for. With easy and hassle-free visa processes, Kazakhstan offers free entry to all Indian students. There are several MCI approved universities in the country which welcomes students from every part of the world. They provide the best quality education with other amenities like hostel and food. Most of these universities have a help desk with an Indian person in charge. They provide the necessary assistance to the students regarding the university etiquette and other information. 


Although the climatic conditions are a little harsh in the winter months, as per experienced academic counselors of Eklavya Overseas if you are well-accustomed to living in a cold climate, you can easily get along. Enveloped in so many benefits, the idea of MBBS in Kazakhstan stands as an excellent option for the students who want to build a healthy tomorrow. 




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