Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Life Jacket

When it comes to dogs swimming, many people don’t realize that there are four different types of life vests for dogs. Each of these suits specifically serves different purposes, so depending on your particular situation, it might be helpful to talk to an animal care professional or a vet before deciding which one to use. Some of the most common types of dog swimwear are U-Vent, A-Line, and Aqueous Swimwear. The following are some of the types of canine dog life jacket and their function.

The best dog life jacket

Some dogs, like Bulldogs, tend to have more body type less suited to high diving and need assistance staying buoyant while in the water. A life jacket for dogs that are not made of an absorbent material is very important. To help you and your pet stay safe underwater, we have compiled a short list of 4 of the most popular dog life jackets available. The U-Vent is the first and easiest to fit and comes in both a wide and petite version.

This dog life jacket is made of neoprene material and can easily be attached and removed with one hand. A petite version is typically good for smaller dogs who do not weigh more than seventy pounds, while the large version will be suitable for larger dogs who weigh more than eighty pounds.

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